Hostal Restaurante La Rosa Casilda is a modern house located on the main street of a small fishing village

The Hostal Restaurante La Rosa CASILDA is a modern home, located on the main street of La Casilda, a small fishing village located just 10 minutes from Trinidad. Easily accessible, the hostel has a restaurant in the same house, specialized in seafood and Creole foods.

A room is rented with its own bathroom, air conditioning and two double beds. Spacious, quiet, clean and very safe. Perfect for families or groups of friends. It is independent from the rest of the house and enjoys rooftop terraces with panoramic views of the entire town.

Extra services
Rum-based cocktails (mojitos, daiquirís, canchánchara, cuba libre, etc.)
Breakfast (excellent, filling, perfect to start the day with full batteries). It is recommended to book it together with the accommodation.
Laundry (washing and ironing).
Wifi (free, although -as in all of Cuba- you have to buy preloaded cards to navigate).

The restaurant
With a capacity for 50 diners, here you can taste typical town dishes, Creole recipes, seafood specialties and fresh fish of the day (freshly bought from local fishermen). Among the most requested dishes are the Casildeña Paella and the Lobster and Shrimp Enchilado. The special dish of the house is the Fish Stuffed with Lobster and Shrimp. We offer national and international cocktail services, we prepare canchánchara, mojito and other cocktails.

The hosts
Fanny and Adrian are stable married couples with 2 children. Fanny is a graduate (higher level) and an excellent communicator, with a background in marketing and hospitality. Adrian, a marine biologist, is a diver (with great knowledge of the coastal area) and an excellent chef de cuisine.